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aasha h4 foundationAasha The H4 Foundation is a nonprofit organization registered under the social welfare council of Nepal. Currently the foundation is working for the social uplift-ment and empowerment of women in the different sectors and against the women trafficking . The main theme of Aasha H4 foundation is towards giving Hope, Home, Happiness and Health for the needy who are stranded and abandoned. The foundation is a Voice against WOMEN TRAFFICKING and a hope for all those who need one. We at Aasha H4 Foundation believe that every person has a hope and you can be that hope just by supporting and spreading the awareness for the cause.

The foundation plans to establish focal points in partnership with local youths in the districts across Nepal, where the exodus of job migration is very high. AashaH4Foundation is the only organization which is planning to organize youths together and mobilize their strength towards constructive direction. The organization plans to provide capacity building trainings, to provide home to the needy and poverty-stricken girls and women to empower them. The awareness programs on their rights and how to be safe at work is very crucial for the unskilled and innocent girls from the villages. It plans to provide basic survival knowledge and opportunities through important programs that change their lives for the better.

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